04 December 2008

Really? What's the point? NSFW

So, I was just watching some porn. As many of you know my favorite porn is lesbian porn. Why? Cuz dudes just fuck it up. They say something stupid like, "Yeah, who's my little cumslut?!" and "yeah! take it all!" Which is fine and well if the girl is a $5 hooker from the Brewster Projects. But with lezzie porn you get chicks actually getting off, with no dude balls getting in the way of my hard on and in general doing some freaky ass shit to each other.

It's kind of funny cuz there's generally no power struggle, just: you do me, then I'll do her, while she's doing you. However, the altruistic nature of Lesbian porn is not what made me get on here and make this post. Something I saw made me go, "hmm?"

Picture this: Chasey Lain and two other colleagues are in a bath tub. One girl is in the middle going down on the other girl while Chasey sits on the edge of the tub and masturbates. Quick jump edit and girl 1 is on her back and girl 2 has a strap on, ALRIGHT! Then, this is where things get a little pear shaped, she goes ANAL with the strap on. really? REALLY?

What's the point of anal in a lezzie production? It serves no purpose. I mean, anal is generally for the guy. I know, some chicks dig anal. I've dated a couple that do. But I honestly couldn't picture them being with a chick and asking her to go anal with a strap on. It seems counter productive, and really, a lame attempt at trying to grab the anal lovers who just might be watching the lez pron.

Now, I've seen butt plugs and all that shit used, but as the primary source of pleasure, I've never seen strap on anal. No, one exception; I was watching some lezzie Fem Dom porn and she went strap on anal. But, she was dominating her and the girl was tied up with a ball gag in her mouth, she then took out the gag and went ATM on the young submissive. That's the shit you expect from BDSM pron. In this instance it was uncalled for and wholly unappreciated.


For those of you not in the know, you need to watch the trailer for "black dynomite"

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