19 August 2008

Olympic Fever

this is a shortie. but, we all know olympic boxing scoring has been fucked since 1988. the new gymnastics scoring is bullshit. seriously, a flawless, clearly more difficult routine has to share the lead with a 12 yr old who can't stick a landing? and then be relegated to silver due to judge scoring. Nastia never scored below 8.9 on execution but the chinese girl did. yet she gets gold? fuck that. also, when did softball and baseball at the olympic level become little league with all the mercy rules? that's bullshit. if guam can beat up on the congo in a 100-1 route, then i say let them. i bet the next time congo either fields a team with competent people or they don't enter at all.

but now we must move to my most hated change... volleyball. you no longer have to win the serve to make a point, no, you just have to do anything that would be considered a point and guess what, you get a point. fucking horseshit. i miss volleyball (especially beach, and not for the reasons you think, but the fact that i find two people making it more competitive than 5-6 people can.) matches that went on for quite some time. gabby reese got me into beach v-ball waaaay back when. i have been an avid follower since. seriously, croc's pro tour, i'm watchin it. worlds... yep. all that shit, i love to watch this shit. it's the only women's sport i find more entertaining than men's.

if you can't tell this post is a drunken post. any spelling grammar corrections should be sent to anybody you see in the comment section that isn't me.
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seriously, her ac/dc is not amazing. but it could be.

make your own warning labels? ok.

uhh... physics kid.

seriously, if you don't wast hours reading this, then i have no idea why you're reading me.