17 July 2007

A Pran of Kingles

So for the past week I have been in Canadialand doing what I do best, drinking and golf. Well, I don’t do golf well, but I drink like a champ so I think the two of them offset. It was a pretty rad week with some highlights and lowlights. When I showed up Saturday evening, my cousin had already broken his heel by playing a great game they invented called “super sweet catch the Frisbee and jump in the pool football game”. I’m not all that up on the rules but the descriptive name pretty much tells all. There’s a Frisbee, and a football, and a pool and super sweet catches. Well, he didn’t make the catch, and apparently he decided to try to land on his feet… in hindsight it was a bad idea.

So I show up and he’s already a gimp. But it’s all good cuz Saturday night was to be his “super sweet 23” bash at one of the local bars. We show up to the bar and they had a couple of girls from “kokanee beer”. The beer is apparently made from glacier water which gives it that crisp finish. At least that’s what the girls kept saying every time I tried hitting on them. Anyhow, they would give me a free beer and stamp my hand, so I would of course lick my hand and wipe it on my shorts and go back for another beer. Bitches wanna give me some glacier rhetoric when I am clearly leering at their tits and commenting on their asses, then I’m gonna take em for all the free beer they’re worth. Which apparently is a lot. So the cousin did a whole ton of dancing on a gimp foot which of course did nothing to help it heal. And at some point a cab was called and then there was late night drunken conversation outside some poor soul’s cabin.

Sunday was a day of golf and drinking. Which is pretty much everyday up there. Monday was beer pong day and a day of moving. You see, at the lodge there are all kinds of cabins, and usually my brother and I have to share a bed in a one room cabin with our parents. That is until members of our party leave early. So this year, for the first time, the three boys wound up in a cabin together. My brother, my cousin and myself… that cabin will never be the same again. The first night there, spurred a late night game of beer pong. At one point it started raining but we’re hardcore, so we kept on playing. If you’ve never played beer pong in the rain I highly suggest it. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. I mean in normal beer pong you don’t have to compensate for the elements. Wind, rain, in the dark of night, that is where you separate the men from the boys. So as I’m standing there single handedly owning these guys (my brother was so drunk he couldn’t even hit the table) the fucking power goes out. We were standing under a street light so we could see… and then the Canadian power company shut off our fun. Or did they? Nope. We pulled out cell phones as makeshift lighting. Yeah, like I said, we’re pretty fuckin’ hard core. So my cousin shows back up with an ugly chick and a gay guy and then proceeds to take the ugly chick inside and bang the ever loving snot out of her. The party wrapped up and I headed in only to find that my room was occupied by the sexers. So I did my civic duty, I jumped in the shower and attempted a “cable guy*”. She wasn’t having it, so I went and crashed in Cousin’s bed. Damn her.

(* “cable guy” is the term used when someone tries to enter into a threesome uninvited but hopes to be invited. Derived from bad porno when the cable repairman would walk in on a couple having sex and then the girl would start sucking his dick. Yeah, good times.)

So the next day my cousin got a birthday blowjob (it was his actual birthday on Tuesday) from one of the girls he was banging last summer, and she is quite hot. Annoying, shady, but hot. Tuesday was a good night. I learned how to play “super sweet crazy eights countdown drinking game”, which, I have to say is pretty super sweet. Are you sensing a theme yet? So in the middle of “super sweet crazy eights countdown drinking game” my brother and this chick disappear into his room. The walls are thin and we hear all. Cousin decides to pull a “cable guy” and even throws in “iss zere problem mit deine kable.” And the motherfucker was successful. So to recap in the past 24 hours, he bangs an uggo, I get shot down for a “cable guy” he gets a birthday hummer from a hot chick, and pulls a successful cable guy. Damn him. Damn him to hell.

So the next few days and nights are all the same what with golf and drinking and my brother banging one girl, and my cousin banging two others, and me jerking off into a sock. On the upside I learned a great new drinking game. Well, really two great new drinking games that are far beyond the ordinary drinking games. I actually call the one a drunking game. There are not too many ways one can leave that game still sober. Unless you cheat, or don’t drink. Seriously, it’s called “electricity” and it is the single greatest and simplest drinking game ever. EVER. Just don’t let my Cousin hear that cuz he still swears up and down that “super sweet crazy eights countdown drinking game” is the best ever, but that’s just because he created it. Anyhow, on the last night I had to defend my beer pong crown, and I did so successfully. CUZ I AM ALL THAT IS MAN! Or something. I just need to work on my “cable guy” skills. Heh. Anyhow, Sunday I learned that my body was not used to playing golf everyday at 8 am, and partying till 3:30am. I was sore as fuck. And now, now I just want to see my bartender. I miss my bartender.
funny shit heard this week:

Brother (drunk off his ass): where’s my pran of kingles!?
Me: your what?
Brother: my pran of kingles?
Me: what the fuck are you talking about?
Brother: (reaching down and grabbing a can of Pringles) this! bitch!
Butch: can you grab my golf ball?
Me: yeah. No. wait, a cow just ate it.
Butch: hahaha, funny.
Me: no, I’m serious, the cow is chewing on your ball now.
Butch: are you serious? (pulls up just in time to see the cow spit out his ball) yeah, we’ll just leave that one.
Me: Matt, your new name is Rhonda.
Matt: Why Rhonda?
Me: Cuz that’s the rule I’m making. Your name is now Rhonda, Rhonda.
Rhonda: Dude! That’s gay.
Everybody: Shut it Rhonda.