24 August 2006

Debates are fun, but not as fun as:

Knowing you stand no chance of winning an argument and then arguing just to see how red faced others will get. i think i actually prefer debating rediculosity over actually being right. anyhow, did you know that moose will eat you out of malice? i've seen it.

I don't really have much to blog about. i had to close out the comments on the last post cuz i had 69 comments. and anyone who knows me knows that there is no way i could let something like that pass me by.

the drunken adventures have been at a minimum lately. mostly due to funding issues, le sigh. oooh oooh, i saw SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKIN PLANE BITCH! today. what. a. perfect. movie. i missed it opening day due to work, i missed it saturday, due to work, i finally got around to it tonight. i was not let down. not in the least. it had all the components of a great B movie: concept, titties, gratuitous violence, and lack of scale. oh, true enjoyment.

anyhhow, here's 1 in a million ball to the face.


joe said...


Drunken Chud said...


btw, thanks for the hand job.

joe said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you fucking dick.

Steph said...

How bad must Samuel L Jackson be doing to star in something so cringeworthy.

Scooter said...

Ok... a few questions, Steph;

Have you seen "Snakes on a plane"?
Have you seen Mr. Jackson's movie grosses?
Have you seen Mister Jackson's house?

Chud, yeah, the moderators HATE backtalk. I only get away with it because I know the rules and defer moderating decisions to them. Oh, and I'm sexy.

Drunken Chud said...

yeah, i have never been banned so quickly, for so little. what a bunch of pussies. i even posted substantive shit. but silverhill doesn't like me as it is. ahh well, time to keep creating accounts and pissing them off till they start going on an IP bannination.

Scooter said...

I would rather you didn't. I would enjoy debating with you and others. Just a request.

Drunken Chud said...

oh, and steph, snakes was GLORIOUS. it at no point, tried to take itself seriously. so awesome.

Drunken Chud said...

nah, i deleted my cookies scooter so i could get into the forums and view. turns out hellhound is the whiney bitch. my apologies to silverhill. but, yeah, as much as i would like to get in on some debates... i think i'm done with that forum.

meDoc said...

Chud, seriously, that is the lamest cop-out of a lost debate I have ever seen!

Oh, I didn't mean any of the ridiculous stuff I argued, I only did it for fun!

Yeah, like anyone will believe that... *rolls eyes*

Dude, you were wrong and somebody proved you so... Just admit it, it's more dignified than pretending you did it on purpose :D

Drunken Chud said...

meDoc, seriously, if i believed half of what i was arguing, i would agree with you. but i love to prod scooter. send him on tangents. he's highly entertaining when he gets frustrated. would i like to see water electrolysis as a source for fuel, of course, do i know it's not feasible and moreover wasteful and highly impractical? of course. but i do love getting scooter going. he starts yelling, and gesticulating wildly, and even though it's over the net, i know he's doing that in front of his screen. if you knew me, you would know that arguing bullshit is something i love to do. but once scooter enlisted all of your help, it stopped being fun after a while and was more like work. believe what you will.