16 September 2006

The Muslims are pissed. Again

wow, what else is new. apparently the pope gave a speech in which he denounced the spread of the religion through violence. all religion. all violence. but because he made mention of the formative years of islam, in a quote from a 14th century text, THOSE PEOPLE are now up in arms. they want a formal apology from the pope.

now, is it just me or are THESE PEOPLE backwards? you want an apology... or what? you'll get angry? you'll pray? you'll send suicide bombers to the vatican? WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DISAGREE WITH? help me understand why you are angry that the pope denounced violence to spread religion? ALL RELIGION. he knows the catholic church sure fucked up a lot in its younger years and used violence and intimidation to proliferate. he knows islam was born of the same. so where's the problem?

it strikes me that people on the fringe of islam, and hell judging by the reaction to a drawing, most of the rest of islam just isn't happy unless they are bitching about something. their kinda like dirty hippies. only, instead of some earth worship crap, they have a judeo-christian amalgamated religion born of the two yet hating both that it stole from. this is why i despise religion in an organized form. too many nutjobs with too little sense.

basically, this is what it boils down to

Dear Islam,
In recent decades many horrible things have been done in your name by people fanatical to causes. This in turn has sullied your name. While you have done little to repair this breach, and even have a hard time denouncing such people, we have grown intolerant of your grumblings. So, dear Islam, we would like to introduce you Mr. Legto Standon. Someday he may be your friend, but right now you need to shut your fucking mouth and listen to what people are saying.
Deepest Regards,

And now for some links.

when doing a sports recap on live tv. it's a good idea to know it's LIVE TV. oh, and you shouldn't drop f bombs.

The top 5 comedians who had it, then lost it, and how they can get it back. even cracked agrees with me.

uhh... do yourself a favor and check out these pictures and read up on this bolivian prison. i've lived in worse apartments.

this is what happens when you try to jump beyond your skill level. sounds like a sucking chest wound to me. silly BMX guys.

apparently, your shoes do fly off when you get hit by a car. the response time is amazing by the fire department though.

ummm... i, uhh... it's porno... with pterodactyls... i'm confused. this is not safe for work. or for boners. but it is great for a laugh. i... have no words.


Scooter said...

People get cheesed off when I point out that highways are more dangerous than school gunmen, so the whole Islam anger thing isn't too surprising.

Hee hee, pterodactyl porn!

Drunken Chud said...

meh. it's just annoying. what's the issue du' jour that has the muslims pissed off this month? i wish life were like a video game. we could run up behind some of these imams, melee them, teabag their soon to respawn body and while yelling STFU NOOB!

Rev said...

I was going to send a link to the Pterodactyl pron.

That, and I was half expecting there to be a horrific recap of the videos we watched last night.


Steph said...

Firstly, "These people" are not all radical extremists. Secondly, the small minority of extremists ( and yes it is a SMALL minority,the media really has a lot to answer for here) are not following Islam as it was intended.
One of my best friends in the whole world is a Muslim, and her family would have to be one of the most peaceloving, genuine, loving families i've ever met.

Please don't lump them all together like that. My fists are getting bruised from having to defend them all the time.

Drunken Chud said...

then tell their families to tell their imams to denounce the extremists. they won't do it steph. they haven't done it. i live in the heart of largest arab population outside of the middle east and france. yes, it goes: an entire region of countries, then an entire country, then my metropolitan area. so believe me when i tell you that tensions run high around here, and yet there has never once been a formal denouncing of the extremists or their actions. at least with most religious people in this country who rally against a cause, when someone goes beyond the boundaries of the basic tennets of what they are fighting for (ie. right to life: blowing up abortion clinics) they are quick to denounce and disavow. it gives them a leg to stand on. islam as a whole has lost that leg.

and about that "extremist" theory, what we are talking about here is entire countries. monaco passed legislation about what the pope said. this is muslims everywhere. and i know, not all of them, yadda yadda. it's enough to make it more than extremists on this issue, and the dutch cartoon, and the france riots. 3 things, all within a year, not limited to extremism.

and i had throw in some "these peoples" in there. but if you read the sentence properly you can see that "these people" that i speak of are the people that are pissed. i just had to capitalize them because they piss me off.

Kristin said...

Seems like he (the Pope) has apologized without really apologizing. Wish I could get away with that - sorry, but I'm not really sorry!

And from what I understand, Islam is, in fact, founded on violence and eliminating infidels, which would be everyone non-Muslim. Fortunately, not everyone is an extremist or a fundamentalist but it is right there. In the middle of the Qur'an. Which differs from the angry but patient God of the Torah or the love-thy-neighbor God of the Bible. (Though, all religions seem to get violent, whether or not it's in the doctrine.)

Stickler said...

Once I found a bottle opener that looked like the pope. I named it the "Popenopener." Whenever I opened a beer from henceforward I like to think it is blessed!

I'm sorry I can't be serious, especially since I'm drinking a my 8th blessed beer!

Rev said...


Just passing on the love, from the "religion of peace"

Drunken Chud said...

actually rev, this is my new personal fav. see if if you can read all the way through this without finding at least 10 things that piss you off or make you laugh. The pope must die

Rev said...

I would love to see one of these assholes take a run at the popemobile.

Watch all the kung-fu "I kick arse for Jesus" warrior priests lay him out, and cover him in prok.

Yes, I spelled it prok.

Prok is the new Pron.

If you don't like it, suck my pirck

Scooter said...

Prok? "Good sir, may I have a prok chop sandwich from your kitchen"?

"I am gonna prok you all, night, baby".

"Damn that Washington DC with all the sleazy politicians and their pet prok projects..."

I... LOVE it!

Drunken Chud said...

mmm... proko... personally, i prefer DP proko. yeah, that's right, "Double Phried" w00t.

Rev said...

I pulled my proky pirck watching DP pron last night.

Actually, I didn't, I just wanted to see what that looked like in type.

Yesterday MORNING, however...