09 April 2007

I'm baaaaaack!

So I’ve been on hiatus for a while. It’s not my fault. I’ve had a lot of drinking and a lot of drinking to do. But this blog post hits close to home for me. I used to frequent a certain bar. And when I say frequent, I mean from the time I turned 21 in 2000, till sometime this past fall/late summer. This bar was my “home” bar when I was in Michigan. I loved the bar, and the employees and other patrons loved me. I stopped going for a couple of reasons; the main one being I had a DUI in November ’04 and most of my friends moved away so it was difficult to find a ride up to the bar which was out of the way for most people. The second reason being, there was too much drama being brought into the bar. I like my bars drama free. Which is why I love my new “home” bar, which has always been a “home” bar to me, I just didn’t go there as often. The drama is not there, unless you ask for it.

Anyhow, enough of the crap, I went back into the first bar tonight for the first time since Rev’s birthday, and I cannot figure out how we ever had so much fun in that place. On Rev’s birthday we all hated the place and swore it to damnation. The service was shit, the drinks were shit, the ambiance was shit. Tonight we went there for the simple fact my bar was closed. I have never, ever, in my life of bar hopping seen the atmosphere of a bar change so drastically in so short a time. It used to be a hole in the wall bar. Nice place, no real regulars except the flies at the bar. Then came us: Rev, Navy and I. We had a lot of fun, drank a lot, whatever. There was a lot of karaoke, A LOT OF KARAOKE. Used to be a solid mix of people in there too, not too much of one trash or another. Now, all trash, all country. There was some asshole hosting karaoke tonight that was trying to so hard to be Larry the Cable guy he actually had a SFX box with Larry drops on it. He was part Mexican which meant he got to tell recirculated Carlos Mencia hack lines all night. See, if charisma and personality were a fruit bearing tree, this guy would have been the low hanging loose stemmed fruit that blew off in a mild mid may gust and thus left to rot on the ground amongst the worms and shrews. He actually cleared most of the bar out, aside from his friends by 12:30. Which actually brings me to my next point: apparently you can no longer enjoy yourself there unless you’re in a clique with someone who works there. Otherwise you’re just a peon, not worthy of the shitty service and inattentiveness of the bar maids. Basically, I’m just done with the place. I wanted to go back to make sure my time in December was just a fluke, but I was assured, it was not. Besides, the girls at my new bar are much nicer, much younger, much hotter, and much more fat drunk guy friendly. So I really shouldn’t be mad, but I guess the old saying is right; you can never go home again. Fuck em. Here’s to me.

and now, a link:

15 of the greatest "oh shit!" moments on film. while there are far more than 15, I do like this list.


Dana said...


Scooter said...

Hmmm... this must mean but a few things; I am in a clique, wednesday night is the only night I would enjoy myself, and I am really sorry it sucks for you now.


Drunken Chud said...

hehe, i'm i clad make you happy anal.

scooter, not your fault. the atmosphere of the place changed, and when i walk in, i just feel bored, and annoyed. waaaaay too much country, and waaaaaay too many fake southern accents, and waaaaaay to shitty of service. i was sitting at the bar for christ sake, with 6 other people around me, and on the other end of the bar there were a total of 4 people. and i still had a hard time getting drinks refilled. fuck. that.

Rev said...

I was going to be pissed that you didn't call back, but 3 things prevented that.

1. I didn't figure you were going to, so I sat here and got drunk.

2. You ended up at the old hang. HAHA!

3. Had I actually gone, I would've missed out on SuperSenateLumberFuckerBreakfast this morning....and I loves me some SuperSenateLumberFuckerBreakfast

So, who ended up going anyway? And what the fuck...when did they get a new hack karaoke host?

Heh, that's funny, though.

Here. From the good 'ol days.


had to break the links up, they wouldn't fit.


Drunken Chud said...

i think the host is the asshat from yankeeville. he's an r-tard. and those links are 404. way to go!

Rev said...

paste the halves together

Drunken Chud said...

god, dancing thinner chud, and rev not looking like a weeble. and decades! hoy shit i forgot about that band.

Drunken Chud said...

dancing chud

not so fat rev

for those like me that are too lazy to cut, paste, and delete spaces.

Zen Wizard said...

Here is the obvious question: Did the bar really change, or did you change?

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I often get that feeling like, "This bar used to be cool 10 years ago," which makes me feel like an old, weathered drunk, but if the name fits . . .

Drunken Chud said...

zen, i thought about that before drunkenly making that post. but, i came to the certain conclusion that it was in fact the bar. sadly.

ken, it is a sad thing to watch a bar go through its changes. especially when the changes are bad. it's like watching a teenager grow up and just know he's going to be a date rapist.

Steph said...

I think Zen is right. I think we grow out of places you know.
It was just your time to move on to greener, fat friendly, pastures.

Rev said...

I would agree with the whole 'growing out of it' dealy, had I not seen the place change over the past years.

Used to be a great hole-in-the-wall bar with cheap drinks, friendly faces, and greasy bar food.

Now it's a wannabe sporta bar, with little clique bullshit, more expensive watered down drinks, and salad with diced almonds.

Zen Wizard said...

I was sort of thinking it was a "You can never go home again"-type of thing.

Like Thomas Wolfe would say.

(Or, that dork on October Road, if you prefer.)

Rev said...

Heh. I typed "sporta"

This is madness!


Zen Wizard said...

Perhaps the demise of the former haunt was a necessary loss in your quest for the new place where the women are--'ow you say?--more fat drunk guy friendly.

Drunken Chud said...

steph, while i love my newer greener fat friendlier pastures, i swear, it wasn't i that changed. sad as it is.

rev, you're right, it's like that girl that you date that you never actually break up with but you both have to move to different states. you see her again after 4 months and she dresses like a hippie and has gained a few pounds despite being a self proclaimed vegan yet she looks good still so you bang her again, then 4 months later you see her again, she hasn't bathed or shaved since the last time you saw her, and her vegan politics are actually incongruous with her king don inhaling lifestyle. after that, the sheer thought of her makes you shudder.

zen, i think i said that...


zen, i have to say, i love the new place, though new place was the old place before the old place became the new place which is now the old place. but still, i loves me some fat guy friendly girlies.

Cazzie!!! said...

Scene from "The Blob"(1958) where it invades the cinema and kills the unsuspecting patrons is the scarriest shit I ever did see, LOL.

Anal said...

Look ya got everyone communicating again......ahhh life is good......well no life would be better if i had a job....but i'm in virtual world now......with no worries.......well except for the slight smell of vomit (merlot and yager not so good together)