05 November 2008

Stupid is as stupid does.

Reap what you sow people.

reap it.

i am dissappointed in my fellow Americans right now.

BTW, i hope you're all good with paying for me, since i don't pay income taxes. i appreciate your hard earned money.



Rev said...

Here's what it boiled down to:

Switch out the following: Brawndo = Obama, the plants = people, electrolytes = change.

Yes, I know I posted that last night, but I think it bears repeating. If you don't get it, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6SkMpW1YHA

Drunken Chud said...

But Obama's got change!

What is change?

it's what people crave.

but how do you know people crave it?

cuz Obama's got change, it's what people crave.

Scooter said...

I agree that single part government is fucked up. At the same time... George Bush fucked things up so badly that America elected a black man whose father was a Muslim, with a middle name of Hussein. Oh, and he wrote about doing coke too.

George Bush is partly responsible for this.

Mommy Phoenix said...

Well lets see, for 2 years we've had a democratic controlled congress.... hmmm... the economy took a nose dive... starting about 2 years ago... hmmm... Yet its all G W's fault... hmmm...
So, what does everyone think about President Joe Biden? It's most likely gonna happen. Which is pathetic any way you look at it.

Scooter said...

People elected the Democrats in the house because of George Bush's fuck-ups.

I said he was partly responsible for this, any ways.

Partly responsible.

Drunken Chud said...

scooter, what specifically did he screw up?

and phoenix i hope no one tries to kill him for multiple reasons:

1. that's just more black white tension that we don't need.

2. that generates sympathy for the democratic party and also diefies the man. look at kennedy.

3. with a dem in office and both the house and senate controlled by dems you would see some of the most restrictive gun control laws be enacted so goddamn fast it would make your head spin.

unfortunately, the inbreds that would try to kill him don't have any kind of higher thought process than, "eat, sleep, fuck, kill nigger, beer."

Scooter said...

Well, his partial privatization of social security scheme went over like a dead skunk on a Thanksgiving platter.

His deregulation of wall street, enacted by congress, has come to bite us on the ass.

Iraq's strategy was a piece of shit until after the 2006 elections, when he started listening to what people like John McCain were saying.

It doesn't help that he's socially awkward and says things that are inappropriate. I think he is mildly autistic. Kim doesn't want to give him that much credit.