15 February 2006


First blog you ever read?
not counting gay livejournal/xanga/mydiary shit? cuz i knew a kid who had a ten of each created multiple personalities and pretended they all worked for him. though he was jobless. his name was josh lobdell. anyhow, first real "blog" would be feces flinging monkey. but that was back when he updated a lot, and had a million other bloggers that he linked to.

The best and worst about blogging?
Best thing? i'd say sharing the stupid shit i find with people who may not see that shit if it weren't for me. worst thing? all the crap i sift through trying to find the cream of the crop. oh, and emo bloggers. ack.

Who was the first person to comment on your blog?
dunno, brb, lemme check... wow, i didn't realize how not any comments i had waaay back then... hehehe. uhh... would be Joe C. that was the first and only commenter back then. sans spammers of course.

If I re-named my blog I would call it ...
why would i rename it? Chud's World has a certain gloriousness in it's glorious glory! of course, if you put a gun to my head... i suppose i would change it to: "what the fuck is that!" since i seem to say that a lot when i search videos and shit.

If my blog was a room it would look like ...
wow, like a Loft apartment where the elevator opens right up into the living room. with all kinds of goofy shit laying around and crazy asian television shows on ALL DAY! and it would be across from a skate park so i can see the injuries. the couches would be pleather, brown, and there would be mannequins all over the place in various sexual poses with each other. oh and hidden video camera's everywhere. never know when my indoor grill is going to explode and need to be disseminated on teh intarwebs.

What has been your most popular blog entry?
dunno. really. lemme check again... how shall i judge? most hits? or most comments? anyhow, too lazy to look up hits and shit, i went by comments, and two had 18. the most recent one before this, and one two posts before that one. anyhow, the most recent was the winner, cuz i personally commented fewer times in that one. so... wow that was a collossal waste of time.

If my blog had a theme song it would be ...
the ballad of chasey lane by the bloodhound gang... no, fuck that, it'd be, "fuck you i'm drunk" by the dropkick murphy's. (i think)

Five bloggers I would like to have over for dinner.
hrmm, putting aside ones i've ACTUALLY had over for dinner... i'd say laurie (de style lady herself), kristin (my future wife since rachel ray said no), Meghan(cuz she's a rad chick), Auburn (always need a good drink mixing aussie in the mix) and... Rolligun (since he'd appreciate the dinner with 4 ladies).

Two bloggers you would like to set up on a blind date.
hrmm... tough call. i don't want to set anyone up. i want to set myself up. piss on everyone else! i need a date!

Somebody I wish had a blog?
i don't think i've EVER sat around and said, "i wish so and so had a blog..." though, now that i said it and gave it some thought, an ex of mine named jess, and a good friend of mine named melisa whom i haven't been able to get a hold of for about a year should have blogs. so i can find out how they're doing.

If you were only allowed to read one blog ever again, which blog would it be?
only one? for ever? i can't. i'm an addict. i can't do only one. it's like the alcoholic question, if you can only have 1 beer a day every day for the rest of your life, or no beer at all, which would you choose? an alcoholic will say no beer. allegedly. personally, i'd hoard the beers for a week or two then binge!

Is there a fellow blogger you would like to snog / shag / do rude things to? Feel free to name names if you're game.
question should be, is there a blogger out there i don't want to snog / shag /do rude things to? and the answer is probably... but i haven't met her yet. hehehehe.

Discover a blog. Link to a blog that you have recently found, or a blog you have been reading for a while and haven't blogrolled.
what's a blogroll? and why would i do it?

Tag five bloggers to complete this meme.
hrmmm ok...
Stepho!!! (told you i'd keep you full of em!)
La La


Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I'll be there. Only if y'all play the "style lady" game.

Drunken Chud said...

hehehehehehehehehe. you'll have to teach us.

auburn said...

You've already had bloggers over for dinner? Whoah. I met a blogger for a hot chocolate a few weeks ago and it was utterly surreal. Mind you, if I could collect my favourite new friends from all over the world and deposit them at my big Aussie BBQ, that'd be pretty sweet.
And yes...I will be there with my drink-mixing bells on! :)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I like my hot dogs burnt Auby. Remember this.
And no condiments for me.

Kristin said...

Okay, I'll play, but it might take me a little while. I am slow today.

I like dinner with bloggers. I like drinks with bloggers. I love Australia.

Kristin said...

I'm all about the random thoughts today. Must concentrate. Answer tag.

auburn said...

Laurie, that just shows that you've never been to an Aussie BBQ:) We don't do "hotdogs" on the barbie! You may, however, have a big fat sausage or steak sandwich with lashings of onion.
As for condiments, we don't use that gross mustard stuff that is always spewing out of the hotdogs in movies.
Look at me all stereotypical.
Sorry. I'm sure it's not that gross. I'm sure it's just something I have to try, like those Hershey's kisses;)

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

OHMYGOD I ASSUMED HOT DOGS. How stewpid of me! I forgot Australia is different.

See how sheltered I am??

Rolligun said...

Thanks for the invite Chud, I will glady show up, however I'm likely to drink to much and make an ass out of myself...probably to much pressure being around so many girls.

Nonetheless I should be able to provide blurry entertainment.

Also, I'm not playing Laurie's game.

(on a side note, I would like to let all the blogging community know that I am in fact well fed and in good health as I have had several dinner invitations)

Drunken Chud said...

rolli, it'll be a race to the drunk and obnoxious between the two of us. hehehehehehe.

auburn, some of the bloggers that comment on here are actually close personal friends of mine... so, i've kinda had dinner a few hundred times with them. but, yes, aussie barbecue sounds grrrreat! though, i have to insist on at least deli mustard if we're having sausages and onions...

kristin... i got nothin.

laurie... rolli says he's not playin. make him play. or make him pay. one or the other.

Scooter said...

Heh, Auburn, you reminded me of an interesting anecdote. My father and I were repairing the roof at my old house. We stopped for lunch. My mother offered me a pretzel with a mustard dip. It looked quite much like a cheese dip.

I like mustard and cheese, my father likes cheese, and is not a fan of mustard. So, I grab a pretzel and get some mustard, and my dad, ignorant of what the substance actually is, grabs a pretzel and follows suit.

Let's just say that I have never before or again saw the expression on my father's face on any other human being.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Chuddy - I want in on the drinking races. You know I can chug with the best of em.

Rolli - Oh yes you will.

Drunken Chud said...

ok laurie, you can be in on the drunk race... but... you HAVE to get obnoxious. that's the key part.

beachgirl said...

My feelings are hurt that I didn't make the dinner invite list! So sad.. thanks a lot....

auburn said...

Please pause all conversation...



Sorry Chud. No mustard. You may have sauce. Barbecue, tomato or worcestershire. No mustard.

Steph said...

Nicely memed! Thanks for the linkage too. If my blogroll wasn't a thousand miles long I'd link to you too.:P

Drunken Chud said...

it's cool steph. i didn't do it to get linkage. i did it to make myself look cooler.

bg. sorry. i could only invite five... and... sorry, you didn't make the cut. better luck next time. hehehehehehehehe.

auburn, i can do barbecue sauce and shit... but I NEED my deli mustard. don't knock it till you've tried it.

Stepho said...

Unrelated to your post, but you know how you and Joe C get drunk and ask me to send you dirty pictures? What if I sent you dirty pictures of my brother, instead? http://www.actionfigurestepho.com/wall/


Drunken Chud said...

uhhh... what is no?

Laura Beth said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Sensory overload! I started reading the comments, then I caught something in there about hot dogs, and something that wasn't hot dogs, then it because a blur of mustard, cheese, and dirty pictures of Steph's brother. I need to go back to bed.