19 March 2006

Just Friends

So i just got done watching the movie "just friends". started watching some of the behind the scenes shit and i am racking my brain to find a girl that i was "just friends" with, that i didn't end up screwing. i couldn't think of one. i mean, any girl i ever entered the "friend bubble" and i wanted more than that... i got it. sure, i've been fortunate in that respect. i mean, usually if i ended up in the "friend bubble" or "friend zone" it was a cold calculated move to get me some. and it has nary backfired. so here is my question, to women: do you honestly have no clue what you're doing to us when you put us in the "friend bubble/zone"? i mean, really, are we as males that clandestine as to our wants and needs? yeah, i thought we were pretty obvious too. and guys... expose your inner pussy, tell us about being stuck in the "friend bubble". just for sharing's sake, i figure i'll help out. the closest to an unfulfilled "friend bubble" was my friend jeanie. she had a crush on me in like 8th grade. but then, she got hot. but i didn't actually see or hang out with her for around 4 years. we were more "phone" friends than anything. i knew when she lost her v-card and when she had sex in a lake, and eventually when she had to her face reconstructed due to an asshole ex. but i was never mad about her, wanting her constantly. so i don't know if it counts. of course there's naked beth. her and i were great friends for a short time. lot's of drunkenness and debauchery, and nudity and drunkenness and quality time spent together. but no sex. i was still delusional about an ex at the time, and couldn't bring myself to "cheat" on an ex girlfriend. yes, she was an ex at the time. i know. big pussy. trust me, i don't make those mistakes anymore. w00t! so there ya go. now, tell me stories. please. post anon if you want. i could care less. i just want stories.


Kristin said...

I want stories, too! I'm not friends with guys. Definitely not friends with exes. Too much tension.

Heidi said...

Hmmm... I actually think I am going to post a whole entry about this. I have too much to say for here. So check there for your answer and some stories.

Rev said...

wait, you're hard pressed to think of a girl that you're "just friends" with?

Are you trying to say that there isn't a girl that you know that you haven't slept with?

Cause I can think of a few...

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I tried to rent it last night from those wonderfully chipper teens at Blockbuster but it wasn't there. It was a "guaranteed" - YES! and so I got a voucher to get it free next time.

The dude at the counter looked mad at me for asking if they had it. Like he didn't feel like writing the thing out for me. It's not MY fault! It's THEIR system! I think he was pissed that it was 11:30pm and the store closes at 1am. That and the fact that I was all perky and happy.

But anyway I plan to get it this week when I return the others I rented.

Not that you care.

Maybe you do though.


Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Oh and I had an experience like that.

I was dating my first long relationship.
Started college a year into this relationship.
Met this guy. He was awesome. He clearly was into me but being the faithful little girl I was I made it clear about my boyfriend and drew that line.
But that didn't stop him.
He continually saw me and we went out a lot just as "friends." I even set it up so that my boyfriend and he could meet, because naturally my boyfriend was hella bothered by me hanging out with this guy all the time.
The attraction was there, but I loved my boyfriend at the time. This guy tried and tried with me. Sent me flowers, wrote me notes, etc. We still just remained friends because I didn't weaken.

I quit college after 2 years. Was still with the boyfriend. Was no longer in touch with the competitor.

Broke up with boyfriend on and off. During an "off" time, I was brought back in touch with college guy because I ran into a friend of his.
We went out again together like old times. The attraction was full force. But somehow I didn't want to break that line. This time, I COULD because I technically wasn't with the boyfriend. We spent a weekend at my aunt's beach house together. Slept beside each other in the same bed. But nothing.
He was totally ready for it. We snuggled and stuff like that, but nothing else ever happened. He was afraid to make the move fearing I'd turn away I think.
I was still a virgin at the time (I was waiting till marriage) and he knew this and was so happy about it and surprised to find that a girl still was at my age. He always told me how much he admired that about me but I think that was part of why he didn't push things as well.
Anyway there's much more about this story but the point is - nothing ever happened with us. We'd always remained just friends.

People in my college thought we were dating, that's how much we were togther.

But we never did. And I don't know where he is now. I mean I'm not interested since I have Sammy, but there's always that wonder of if we could still make that friendship work. It would probably be weird again.

Drunken Chud said...

i wholly understand kristin. but you've NEVER had guy that clearly wanted you but you kept him as just a friend?

heidi, thanks for playing along. glad i could provide a topic for you.

rev... did you fail reading comprehension? cuz i said nothing of the sort.

laurie, i too walked into blockbuster around 1140. however ours close at midnight. i almost had to cut someone to get the last copy. but, i didn't. i think they saw the bloodlust and backed off.

Stepho said...

I had a male friend who was convinced I was keeping him in the "friend bubble" just to keep him around. When I broke up with my asshole ex he tried to pursue me very actively. I honestly didn't want him in "that way." And come on---you can't pursue a girl who just got out of a psychotic relationship and expect major romantic sparks. That shit just doesn't happen! Anyway, when I told him that it caused a huge fight and we didn't talk for about two years. Of course now we're great friends. It turns out he just needed to get laid...and even though it wasn't by me, I think him getting laid saved the friendship. So my advice to girls who have a guy who wants them is to get that guy friend hooked on another girl. Buy him a hooker, fix him up, something.

Drunken Chud said...

so laurie, had he decided to man up and make a move that weekend, would you have shot him down? i mean, from the sounds of it... you were open to the possibility.

Drunken Chud said...

so, you KNEW you were keeping him in the zone stepho? or were you oblivious till you broke up with asshole ex?

Scooter said...

Chud, uh... I think you know my story. Any ways, Elizabeth is my sister. My 19 year old, hot sister. I say this with total sincerity, touch her and die a slow, painful, shameful death.

I mean it man, I will build a Chud oubliette.

Drunken Chud said...

wait you have a hot sister? does she like fat guys?

Steph said...

I'm in two minds about the friend bubble. I DO have some male friends, but i've known them forever, or they're gay, so that doesn't count.

I find if I like a guy, i start to think sexual thoughts about them. I can't help it!!! Doesn't mean I'll act on it, but i can't control my lustful thoughts. :P

Rev said...

I am the KING of being "just friends"

And godDAMN it sucks

auburn said...

"usually if i ended up in the "friend bubble" or "friend zone" it was a cold calculated move to get me some. "

So what are you doing with us online friends huh Chud?

I have always had guy friends. Just friends. My bestest guyfriend liked me for aaaagges, but that was when we were in school. Noe we love each other, platonically. My other bestest guyfriend and I ended up holding hands then kissing then naked one night before we were like WTF?! STill fantastic mates, no sex, only jokey tension.

I am an outrageous flirt, and I get along with guys really really well. Friends is easy, it's when tension appears that the bubble wavers a little, but I can still do it. All the guys at work flirt like crazy with me, but they're darling friends.

I'm sure I have more stories, but I don't know if i'm coherent enough right now to tell them...

OH, and i tagged you baby;)

Jobe said...

I WANTED to be in the friend bubble with one girl and struggled for a while. We got along amazingly well and she was stunning so I, naturally, fell hopelessly for her even though I was CONVINCED that we weren't right for each other (which we weren't, I guess).

Got over it though. We're friends now and I don't want to ever leave that bubble again.

Stepho said...

I was pretty oblivious to the whole thing. As soon as I found out HE thought I was doing it, I tried to talk about it and we fought and ended up not speaking for two years. Apparently he'd have rather stayed in the zone.

trueborn said...

Unfortunately I too flirt with as many girls as possible, and am friends with just as many.

Just friends for men is a hard thing to do.

Most times there are motives involved. But then, women are no different in this regard.

My buddy was just friends with another chica while he was seeing his girlfriend. Once they broke it off, this chica was on him like white on rice.

Stickler said...

I hooked up with a friend of mine once in kind of a drunken hysteria. It started with a challenge by her. She basically told me that we never would, ever! So I threw her ontop of a juke box at a bar and made out with her. Ended up back at her place. As she took off all of her clothes I looked at her, ran in the bathroom, and puked everywhere. All I can say is, I am no longer friends with this girl. Que sera sera!

Drunken Chud said...

steph, see, even if you've known them forever, who's to say they don't secretly want you? hmmm?

well, rev... yeah...

see, aubs, that out of context. in my statement of, "..any girl i ever entered the "friend bubble" and i wanted more than that... i got it." is really the qualifier for that remark. and i mean, duh, of course i'm trying to charm all online friends so that on the off chance i meet them in person they fall all over my "husky" body.

and thanks for the tag hon. i WILL get to it. i promise.

wait, jobe... you WANTED into the friend bubble? well... i guess that's good.

stepho, we men are odd like that. we suck actually.

you know true, it's true. like i had said above to aubs, i have had motives. and in fact it's been difficult at times when you both have motives, and are both dating each others friends. that leads to a bad place. pretty quickly.

stickler, please tell me it was the booze that made you puke and not her naked body. cuz if it was her body, i'd have to question if the jukebox survived the ordeal.

Jobe said...

Why fuck up the friendship for something that wouldn't last if it happened?

Why... that's just silly!

I should mention I wasn't out of the bubble really. The chances were there but we took control of our urges.

Drunken Chud said...

you know jobe, if that's the case that you honestly knew it wouldn't work between the two of you, then good on ya.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

I think I may've given in. Not to having sex or anything, but maybe SOMETHING.

I don't know though.

auburn said...

Oh Laurie, queen of vagueness there!

Love ya anyways...but GIVE US MORE!

Drunken Chud said...

hehehehehehe. i think she was answering my hypothetical aubs. when i asked IF the guy would have tried, WOULD she have.

Stickler said...

Chud, It was from drunkeness but I'm sure she thought otherwise.

Jobe, the reason you mess up the friendship is because you grow some balls and take a chance. If you don't you could miss out on something so much better. The old adage goes, "It is better to have loved and loss, then to have never loved at all!"

I feel this could can be applied to sex as well by just changing some key words!

Jobe said...

Possibly. But I was 100% certain there was nothing there.

It probably wouldn't have fucked up the friendship if we did that, but nothing would have come out of it and I didn't really want something quick from her (or long for that matter).

Drunken Chud said...

stick, well, at least you have the truth.

jobe. good on ya. good on ya.

Needtsza said...

definately one stupid movie it would appear.

Is it even worth watching on HBO?