21 May 2006

good day.

well, tonight my cousin had his grad party from college. it got a little drunk out and in 8 hours i'm going to be on my trek to florida to leave the port of miami on my way to jamaica and grand cayman. i'm not typing well right now, cuz the jager bombs were flowing freely. i had a point. but i forgot it. anyhow, we're driving to Fla. so for 20 hours it's me my brother joe and my other brother joe. well, one of them isn't my brother. you get to guess which. HA! something something blah blah. yeah, i got nothin. so, leave me hate mail while i'm gone. i've never had hate mail from the blog. anyhow, i think i hear some beer calling my name. gaaah!


HA! you fool! shoulda bought a fuzz buster.

hehehehe. chick does the cola and mentos gag, inside herself.

la la la la i'ma jump off some playground equipment... wonder how successful i'll be?

the worst part is, i have a couple buddies who do this dance every single time this song is played. the sad part? the karaoke hostess makes sure to play it...


Kristin said...

Drunken Chud on a cruise. Good times.

Coyote Mike said...

Be careful in Jamaica. Little kids will try to slip pot into your pockets, then turn you into the police so they can get a reward. So, if you find something in your pocket, smoke it immediatly.

Oh, and be sure to find the topless tanning deck quickly and take lots of pictures to share.

Jacques Roux said...

I Hate you Chud. I Hate your chance to actually take time off from work and have a vacation. I Hate that you get to sit in the sun and drink copious amounts of alcohol, voraciously consume mass quantities of food, and squash little kids who slip pot into your pockets like the 3rd world bugs they are.


Hate, Hate, Hate...

(Bon voyage, muthafucka!)

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