29 December 2006

These Dreams?

I had a dream, in this dream I was a golf course superintendent. I had to get the course ready for a big tournament, which was fine because this course was amazing anyhow. You know, since I was superintendent and all. The odd thing was that some of the holes crossed over highways. I’m not talking little 2 or 3 lane jobs, oh no, we’re talking 5 lanes of blacktop running right through certain holes. The roads weren’t closed, ever. I mean these are major causeways in the metro Detroit area. Caveat Golfer. So, the course was ready and the tournament was there and I was Tiger Woods’ caddy. Yeah, I slid right down the course ladder from superintendent to caddy real fuckin quick. However, mid round I was called away on special assignment to Bosnia. Oddly my brain didn’t feel like it owed me an explanation for this and I have no clue if it was a golf course emergency or what. All I know is that I landed in my helicopter back at the golf course right after the round was over. Apparently I have the fastest chopper in the world, and I am the world’s fastest Bosnian problem solver. So, everyone was taking down all the signs and sponsor bullshit all around the course when I arrived back. Ambulances were out picking up the bodies of gallery members who wanted to follow their favorite golfers at any cost. The roads proved too high a cost. Apparently while I have the world’s fastest helicopter it has no AM/FM radio. So I was asking everyone I could find who won and what the placing was and MUCH to my dismay no one knew. NOT A SOUL! Damn myself for getting the base model of the worlds fastest “makes airwolf its bitch” chopper. Anyhow, I never found out who won the tournament and if all the golfers appreciated my course. Then I woke up and had piss like a racehorse. What does it all mean?

and now some links.

Who didn’t see that coming? Note to self, don’t fuck with crocodiles.

There are some people you shouldn’t try to prank. Tyrone is one.

hehehe, Great t-shirt. Porch monkey 4 life.

Another great T: Rocky vs. Bullwinkle

this is a shirt i would wear. dunno how funny this shirt is if you don't live in michigan.



Scooter said...

Whatever it means, it's awesome. Holy hannah, is it ever awesome. Too bad about Dana not into stocking crap.

D said...

Dude...did ya change your beer flavor for the evening?

Rev said...

It means no more shots.

Last night was pretty rough

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I did a post recently in which I said how I hate hearing about other people's dreams, but I have to say, this one was damn funny. I want a chopper that makes Airwolf its bitch . . .

As for the crocodile clip, I love how the narrator says, "This may not look like a serious bite." No, not at all . . . ????

Drunken Chud said...

yeah scooter... too bad. heh. though, i'm sure it'd fetch a pretty penny on internet webcam sites.

D... you don't even know. kenny was up there, and his buddy jeff, and jeff started buying shots, and then EVERYONE started buying shots. and rev and i bought each other shots, then jeff was handing off the shots people got him to us. dear god.

it means WAAAAY more shots. and some kind of machines to record my thoughts.

dr. ken, that was what was going through my mind when i typed it, "oh shit, ken's gonna hate this post." and yeah, is it just me or are there a couple shots of that dude's arm that it makes it look as though he's a sneeze away from making that a compound fracture?

Anonymous said...


Drunken Chud said...

anon... that's fucking awesome.