19 January 2007

Note to self:

Don't ever try to explain to two drunk off duty cops the difference between "suspicion" and "probable cause". apparently, they're too retarded and too brainwashed to understand the intricacies of civil liberties. ha! the greatest is when they try to say, "we do this every day... yada yada yada..." and you fire back, "yeah, and how many of those bogus stops actually stick?" oddly shady cops get silent after that. oh, and when they tell you constantly to shut up and let them finish, and you laugh at them and tell them they should have finished 20 sentences ago when they actually had a point, they don't like that either. fuck them. just like unions, being a cop rots your brain. i will not mourn you, dirty cop.

in case you couldn't tell, i am drunk, and Detroit PD can kiss my ass. i'd much rather hang with Detroit FD. those mofo's can drink and never give you shit. plus, if you're on fire, they'll not only put you out, they'll run into a flaming building to put you out. cops? yeah, they'll write you a 5 over ticket when you're late. gee, wonder which i like more.


Rev said...

Fight that power, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

joe said...

Or even this:


Kristin said...

Sounds like a good, argumentative kind of night.

Drunken Chud said...

holy hell do i not know how to put words together in type when i'm drunk. i just re-read this... i need a sober editor for drunk posts. heh.

oh dude, it was definately a maaaaaaaaan kind of night last night. fuckin cops.

joe... ... ... ... ...

kristin, yes, yes it was. so very much so.

Scooter said...

Hmm... Which just goes to show you; fire departments should be funded by a tax, and police through an at-will fee.

It might work... or it might end up as anarchy... until the pissed off citizens run out of looters to shoot.

Steph said...

Oh how i love your drunken ramblings.

Zen Wizard said...

The difference between probable cause and reasonable suspicion is a very difficult concept.

Probable cause means, "More likely than not that a crime has occurred or is occurring."

So that means, 51% right?

No, there have been cases where it was 33%--i.e., there are three guys in a car and one bag of cocaine--there is a 33% chance that each is possessing.

Reasonable suspicion has never been clearly defined--the cops originally had to believe that they had reasonable suspicion that the persons briefly detained were about to endanger the police or others.

The landmark case is Terry v. Ohio.

As far as PC, there was a recent Cops where the cop said he had probable cause because the subject had a Brillo pad in his front seat, which is often used as a crack pipe filter. Watching it, I think he really had "reasonable suspicion." That search probably held on RS grounds. A reasonable suspicion stop is called a "Terry stop."

Officer's experience and training, profile of the neighborhood, and border proximity are also factors.

Drunken Chud said...

scooter, yes and no. mostly no. but yes.

thank you steph. thank you.

zen, basically when you are pulled over without violating the law and then sent to the hoosgow, you are more than welcome to feel a tinge or resentment. the fact of the matter remains that in court a cop has to prove probable cause. he can argue suspicion all he/she wants, won't stand a snowballs chance against my nuts without PC. fuck dirty cops, i've talked to a couple other cops in this guy's precinct and they all say he's shite. so, fuck him, fuck his mother, and i hope he dies of gun violence because he's doing nothing to help abate that statistic in the downtown area.