07 February 2007

Attention everyone!

I have solved all the world's problems. no need to continue to argue or debate. apparently all you need is nuclear power, wave power technology, a re-education of global politics to the proletariat, the dissolution of the UAW and a predominantly libertarian viewpoint. also, jack bauer has to be allowed to act with complete autonomy. cuz, let's face it. in the clutch when he's yelling "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME" you get that warm blanket feeling.

anyhow, the other night for superbowl sunday i ended up at a friend's house. she was having a couple friends over and one of these wonderful friends felt that she owed it to me to shake hands with my penis. let me tell you that in no uncertain terms, i enjoyed this greatly. so, since i have nothing else to add to this, you get pictures of shit we wrote on the local bar while it is undergoing renovations.

awww, amanda hearts me, and i heart her.

what's this? i heart julie? whatever will amanda think? shhh... don't tell either.

yeah, i was too drunk to write that, so thanks to erika for doing so.

hehehehehe, yeah, i kinda do.

kinda out of focus, but it says "rob d has a huge p". while this is fiction, i will accept it as fact.

originally i had written "Rob & Pussy" in a heart. Jen decided that my well spaced writing deserved some fucking with, so a "t" was added before the "y" and she turned the P into an R, yeah...

FUCK RUSSTY! russty:pussy as mapplethorpe:straight

damn you russty!!!


joe said...

Penis hand-shaking. What a concept.

Rev said...

Heh. There's another Rob + Russty on the bar......somewhere.

I'm still p-i-s-e-d that someone fucked up my "bom"

Zen Wizard said...

A great "buzz" seems to precede you as you enter this bar, so

Drunken Chud said...

joe, i like it. this is not the first time she has done this, she has a thing about my junk. she likes to play with it, and talk to it. i enjoy all of it.

curt, i could only find the two. and now it's covered. le sigh.

zen, if you only knew. if you're ever in the metro detroit area, let me know. we can both get buzzed for mad cheap.

Scooter said...

Uh... wave power is ok, but what's wrong with solar power? I mean, if every house used solar shingles...

Drunken Chud said...

personal expense. base current isn't there, and it's an unstable current. shouldn't run electronic engines on unstable currents like that.

Scooter said...

Dude... if every house in Phoenix had solar shingles on their home, the amount of electricity fed into the grid would be tremendous. It would be enough to power foundries... well, maybe A foundry.

It's all about distributed power solutions. New nuclear plants, wave farms off the coasts, solar shingles on new homes and homes that are being re-roofed, Solar farms in the Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico deserts, wind farms in North Dakota...

In ten years, we could cut our coal fired plants by twenty five percent. In thirty years, we could power over fifty percent of our vehicles on straight electricity.

There is no magic bullet. It's all about diversifying our energy portfolio.

And hydrogen is still crap.

Drunken Chud said...

the personal expense of solar shingles is enough to deter even the most power conscious. they do not pay for themselves. cost benefit does not weigh out. you build 30 more nuke plants, you accomplish what you hope in half the time. since the hippie laws have been repealed you can actually crack nuke waste back into a power source. since you know, 95% of the potential power was disposed of as waste. yeah, one pellet of uranium cracked for fission = 5% of potential. all the byproducts are re-crackable.

wind farms solve nothing. they are an eyesore, and an unstable base power source.

in five years we could cut our coal fired plants by 70% if we could get the libs to get on board with nuclear.

Scooter said...


Nuclear is fine, but really, look into solar shingles. It's an economies of scale question. Sand is cheap, and one solar shingle costs a lot, two million cost pennies.

Moreover, a diversified energy portfolio, especially with distributed schemes like home solar shingles, is more secure. A nuclear plant can be bombed. Five million homes in the sun belt is a bit of a harder target.

Besides, there's only about ten thousand years left of nuclear fuel...

Drunken Chud said...

true, but north dakota is a migratory route and wind farms raise hell with migratory birds. fact. plus, the heavy metals used for the batteries are also more detrimental than greenhouse gasses.

actually, solar shingles are going to be the suck. there's a guy here in detroit by the name of Stanford Ovshinsky, namesake of the electronics term "ovonics", who is making flexible ultra thin solar sheets using amorphous disordered silicon. he's also got a a solid state hydrogen cell that's as easy to fill as a gas tank, but that's for a different argument. anyhow, this guy is the guy whose solar panels are in pretty much any solar calculator ever made. real cheap, real flexible, real light.

well, at the previous rate there's only ten thousand years left, but now we can re crack and re crack so that easily doubles it. damn, we still need to find an alternative to it...

Scooter said...

I'm talking about Stan Ovshinsky's product, Chud.

Amorphous disordered silicon shingles last just as long as asphalt shingles, and since they are made of sand, are essentially never going to be under the same market forces as oil. Hell, a plant can make them while getting power FROM them. There is the matter of the metal substrate, but that can be recycled.

Migratory birds are a problem... however, Europe has been playing with wind for twenty years... I don't know if there is a solution to the battery issue... 98 percent of all lead acid car batteries in America are recycled, so it's all about the management and containment of heavy metals, but yeah, wind is no magic bullet.

Straight nickel metal hydride batteries are more thermically efficient than Stan's solid state hydrogen vessel. Alan Alda visited his factory and held one in his hand; it got too warm after a few seconds. Heat = waste.

Drunken Chud said...

well since we're talking about the same guy, then you sir, are a poopypants.

yes, i understand stans work.

yes, the migratory birds are a problem, and yes they've been playing with wind in europe, but then most of europe is a bunch of socialists so they don't count.

alan alda is a commie. so pfft! (yes, since we're basically agreeing, i'm resorting to name calling. it's my blog so HA!)

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

You can love Pussy and Rusty. Remember Rusty Jones?