23 October 2005

brick or breat.

la face with an oakland booty. wow, what it would sound like if the mama's and the papa's sang baby got back. and if the papa's got rid of the mama's. and if the papa's changed their name to johnny c.

ok, this is just wierd. i count 4 different pics... other than the distance from the camera... that's just freaky.

so, the stolen WiFi at the grandparents hath gone the way of the dodo(kinda funny since girls with drinks covered this same thing not two weeks ago). not sure where it went, people must have moved furniture for the winter or some shit. cuz i can detect the networks, i just get no signal. assholes. so, i managed to make it to the parents house and now i feel like a bulemic on a binge. teh intarnets are teh d3vil!!!!1!!!one!! anyhow, time to drink and watch more movies, alone.


Anonymous said...

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Rev said...

Owned again!

I'm trying to make sense of the first one....

Kristin said...

I thought they would make sense when I thought about them a little more. I was wrong.

I feel your pain, man. Hope that the WiFi planets realign and you're back in business.

Laura Beth said...

See if you can find "Comfortably Numb" by the Scissor Sisters. It's slightly disturbing. It's scary...for Halloween... ooooooohhhh! (Okay, I gotta lay off the coffee.)

Call me if you wanna go out. I'll come pick you up.

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Now this is funny ;)

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