13 October 2005

quick post before drinking league starts

just in time for halloween. a remix of the "Titanic" trailer.

hehehehehehe, med school students play darndest pranks.

wow, these chicks either really hate each other, or are being paid well.judging by the caliber of guys standing around... i'm thinking the girls are meth addicts who have to "thunderdome" for a hit.

afraid you've been blocked? too dumb to create a new AIM name to check? try this site.

for those of you late to the game, the real dirt behind ATM's. *snicker*


on a seperate note, why doesn't blogger have the words "blog" or "blogger" in their spellchecker dictionary? that's pretty retarded.


Rev said...

I fucking LOVE that right the blonde chick throws about halfway through the clip...I've never seen that second part before though.

As for the medical thing. Something doesn't seem right there...though I like the idea of cutting up a live monkey's carotid, though...sounds like elementary school art class fun.

joe said...


You should assimilate that school into your sexual training classes.

Drunken Chud said...

heh, yeah, they used an electric charge to get his arm to do that. if you watch you can actually see when the corpse gets hit with it. i so want to do that to someone.