02 October 2005

some videos

wow, bored again, browsing for bullshit again.

wow, exteme ping pong. watch the guy away from the camera, the last shot he makes you know he's saying the asian version or "pwn3d!"

i don't know what is more gay this guy, or the dude giggling like a little bitch behind the camera.

for those of you who haven't seen the "shining" trailer recut.

wow. just wow. not a video... but worthy.

for those of you who have never seen it... "and boom goes the dynamite". worst sportscaster ever.

and in case any of you have been living in a hole... LEEROY JENKINS! you have to watch the whole thing. it starts slow. i predict 33.33 repeating of course percentage of survival. allright boys, let's do dis!

this guy sucks at zippo tricks. but decided to make a video anyhow.

yeah, most of these are old. but i was in a classic kind of mood today. enjoy.

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