06 October 2005

This is what you get when i wake up before 11am.

lawyer chick decides she doesn't want a boyfriend. she just wants to be treated like a whore. try to read this and not be aroused. and ladies, learn from her. LEARN FROM HER!
dude, you fucked a ghost! funny little production. kinda gay towards the end... but i gotta admit, the thought of living with a slutty ghost is kinda cool.
hehehe, revised textbooks for christians. you have to read the text in the graphics. priceless.
Fun addicting little game that i cannot seem to score above bobbing bobcat. bastards

Remember Kids Christmas is Just Around the Corner
single greatest wake up alarm type thingy ever invented. i want to buy 5 of them. and set them off in separate parts of the house. at the same time. WAKE UP FUCKERS!
yes, i need this. we all do. i saw it a year or two ago, in maxim. but it's come down in price now. yep, yet another frivolous purchase.


joe said...

That lawyer chick... She knows her role.

Drunken Chud said...

no shit man. i want to meet her. and do her, in her dirty bits.