12 April 2006

I'm a sexy pirate.

[00:08] vicecityrocks: hi... nyone there?
[00:09] Findlaytex: is this gonna be spam?
[00:09] vicecityrocks: lol, im not spammiing you.
[00:09] Findlaytex: whew.
[00:09] vicecityrocks: oh your there :) zi...
[00:09] Findlaytex: heh. been getting a lot of IM spam lately.
[00:09] vicecityrocks: a/s/l (age sex lpcation)?
[00:10] Findlaytex: 27 male detroit. you?
[00:10] vicecityrocks: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you migght like to chat.
[00:10] vicecityrocks: so what have you beenn up to findlaytex?
[00:11] Findlaytex: not a whole heck of a lot.
[00:11] Findlaytex: workin. drinkin.
[00:11] vicecityrocks: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes))
[00:11] vicecityrocks: oh no not work... thats a 4 letter word yoi know..
[00:11] Findlaytex: heh.
[00:11] Findlaytex: yes, i do know.
[00:11] vicecityrocks: feel like a little cyber fun wih me ? please please...
[00:11] Findlaytex: sure why the hell not.
[00:12] Findlaytex: just so you know, i'm a pirate.
[00:12] Findlaytex: eye patch, and all.
[00:12] Findlaytex: but a sexy pirate.
[00:13] vicecityrocks: alright :) how bouut i get down on my knees in front of you and help you out of your pants?
[00:13] Findlaytex: well, you know how to start a party don't. you? let me help you with the belt.
[00:13] vicecityrocks: tell me what ou want me to do with you while i slip out of my panties
[00:13] vicecityrocks: oh yeah babe.. dont stop. while i slide my hand down between my llegs and part my moist lips
[00:13] vicecityrocks: oh it feels so good. Im holding your pulsing cock in my hand, my shiny red fingernails dig gently into your bals, while my full, soft lips engulf the mass of your meat
[00:13] vicecityrocks: open my website so you can lopk at me while im sucking you. use the link in my profile!
[00:16] Findlaytex: wow, you're kinda hit. can't you send stacy or elisabeth my way?
[00:16] Findlaytex: maybe both of them.
[00:16] Findlaytex: they would love my fat rolls and small cock.
[00:18] Findlaytex: nothing? is the party over?
[00:19] Findlaytex: i'm sorry. i AM the face of E.D.

yeah, so that's what you get when i haven't been drinking and someone spams me. god i love spammers. so, went to the Wings game tonight, we wooped some ass and took the presidents trophy outright. so fuck all y'all lesser teams. other than that, nothing new going on. lately i've been less of a drunken chud and more of a sober chud. this has to do with my lack of money which is due to my lack of gainful employment. well, any employment really. so, you'll all know when i have money cuz the drunken rambling posts will be a plenty.



If you ignore the dumbasses behind the camera, the outcome is hilarious.

Did he just knock himself out? good thing the ref called it.

Ok, this is kinda cool. Game 6 of the '86 series between BoSox and NyMets. re-enacted on RBI baseball, with the original call from the game. (8 1/2 minutes long).


Coyote Mike said...

How come my spammers are all from Nigeria or China and can't spell worth shit? Its just not fair!!!

I'd fund your drunkeness, but that would involve money, which I only dimmly remember.

Hockey is only entertaining when the gloves come off.

joe said...

I figured Rev threw a bot at you.

And don't fuck up the luck.

Chuck said...

LOL im's can be fun.

Drunken Chud said...

it's odd mike, i always felt left out cuz i never get the good scam spams from nigeria or china promising me millions. but noooo, i get crappy porno spam. and unfortunately, i haven't seen a single fight this year in hockey. damn the "new" NHL.

nah, joe, i get spammed daily on im. bots galore, but this one was clearly cutting and pasting. the main body of the sexiness came all at once. no one types that fast. i'm trying not to fuck up the luck.

yes chuck, they can.

Stickler said...

That one was good! I laughed and then cried at the end.

Now Chud did you happen to see the BoSox game yesterday? The reason i ask is I swear the big green monster molested a woman in the stands during the 5th inning. It was pretty funny!

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

Oh, good. You worked the pirate line.