28 April 2006

This is my friday night

[21:21] Bobby Brown: Im about to head over to my cousins
[21:21] Bobby Brown: what are you doing tonight?
[21:22] FindlayTex: not much. teh rents are gone for teh weekend. and i smell like a pizza kitchen. i think i'ma try to eat myself.
[21:22] Bobby Brown: lol
[21:22] Bobby Brown: but, you want to roll with or? you stayin home?
[21:22] FindlayTex: what's goin on teh cuz's?
[21:23] Bobby Brown: few ppl hanging out
[21:23] Bobby Brown: mostly some dirty fuckers
[21:23] Bobby Brown: im just bored and it something to do
[21:23] FindlayTex: whooooores?
[21:23] Bobby Brown: doubtful.. but, maybe
[21:23] Bobby Brown: i didnt really ask..
[21:23] Bobby Brown: i dont ask the question now that i have a g/f and i just noticed that
[21:24] FindlayTex: meh. thanks for the offer, i think i'ma just get some whiskey and chill here. maybe rent a movie and molest myself.
[21:24] Bobby Brown: right on
[21:24] FindlayTex: speaking of, what alicia doing this evening?
[21:24] Bobby Brown: she is at a party.
[21:24] Bobby Brown: a party that i didnt much want to go to
[21:24] FindlayTex: let's go to her party. she hangs wit chicas
[21:24] Bobby Brown: no
[21:25] Bobby Brown: its in taylor or some shit
[21:25] FindlayTex: chicas i can either hit on, or piss off. either way fun for me.
[21:25] Bobby Brown: and we'd be OLD FUCKERS
[21:25] FindlayTex: dude, i've made peace with that.
[21:25] Bobby Brown: like 22-26 hanging out with 18-19 y/o's
[21:25] FindlayTex: heh
[21:25] Bobby Brown: i have to.. on an individual basis
[21:26] Bobby Brown: Not her friends..
[21:26] Bobby Brown: they all have those gay b/f things
[21:26] Bobby Brown: they are relationship girls
[21:26] Bobby Brown: you have a way better chance finding whores going to my cousins
[21:26] Bobby Brown: some skeezy always comes threw the door
[21:27] Bobby Brown: anyhow
[21:27] Bobby Brown: im showring..
[21:27] Bobby Brown: Ill call you when i leave.. to see if you still want to chew on your arm and molest yourself
[21:28] FindlayTex: ALL 18-19 GIRLS ARE EASY. EVEN WITH BOYFRIENDS. see there's a recipe, it goes like this: borfriend + booze + other dudes = pissing contest. girl + booze + pissing contest boyfriend paying no attention to her + strange fat man paying her compliments = my dick sucked.


[21:39] Gina rip: Hello
[21:40] FindlayTex: are you going to spam me? cuz i should let you know, i'm not very good looking.
[21:40] FindlayTex: and i'm also an extremely sexy pirate.
[21:40] FindlayTex: i know, it's a conundrum
[21:40] FindlayTex: not good looking, yet still a sexy pirate.
[21:41] FindlayTex: i feel it's more the romance of the pirate life than anything.
[21:41] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on
[21:41] FindlayTex: damn.
[21:41] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on


This is a 5 or so minute clip, of a talent show. in which some people re-enact an entire level of Super Mario Bros. I love it cuz i'm a dork. you'll love it cuz you're a dork too.

adding to my dorkiness... watching tetris grand masters go head to head makes me want to cry. i couldn't stop watching. it's like a fucking trance.

Life isn't always easy on the porn set. sometimes, you have to have a dildo light saber battle to see who's on top. no nudity, just dildo handled lightsabers.

the best backflips only go half right. this is a classic.


Scooter said...

I'm humming the Mario anthem now, thank you for that piece of dorktacular nostalgia.

Stickler said...

I wish I had thought up that mario skit first. Seriously I have had plenty of oppurtunities in my life to do something like that. I am dissapointed in myself. I'm gonna go cry in the corner now.

Drunken Chud said...

scooter, i'm with ya. i had a smile a mile wide watching that.

stickler... i'm dissapointed in you too. shame, shame on you! heh. now you have a muse... now... go figure out how to make a live action zelda skit.

Steph said...

Chuddy, sometimes i'm convinced that you are really a 14 year old boy.

Rev said...

You forgot your fat halfdrunk best friend in the whole world showing up at 3am with a half gallon of cheapass Corby's whiskey.....who fell asleep on the couch inside of 20 minutes.

Drunken Chud said...

steph, at heart, i am.

Drunken Chud said...

well, that's cuz i posted this thing at 10pm. you didn't show till after 3. yaaar.

Rev said...

I know...I'm just saying....

joe said...

You should have called me. I sat at home doing absolutely nothing.

And it's always better to hang with the chicas. Even in Taylor.

Laurie (aka buggy) said...

omg loved the super mario bros.!!!

Drunken Chud said...

joe, you're right, i should have. sorry man./

style lady, EVERYBODY loves mario. heh. but yeah, seriously, i wish i was that creative.

superlong said...

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Drunken Chud said...

wow, i haven't been spammed in a while. and i so badly wanted to delete it... but... i mean, that one is just solid gold.

Chuck said...

hellya I would cut and paste that one and post it.

Stickler said...

Chud, I got a link for you:

House Of Cosby's

This is some funny stuff!

Coyote Mike said...

Do I need to stop by with hot coffee and a penicillin shot?

Kristin said...

So, where did you end up Friday night?!

Drunken Chud said...

i think i'll just keep it there chuck.

that's some funny shit stick.

t'would be appreciated mike.

kristin... i ended up sittin at home. w00t!

joe said...

House of Cosbys rules.

hobbitluvr said...

that was fuckin hilarious! shit like that is why i love you chud

Anonymous said...

This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.