19 January 2006

Death Pool

well, gorilla mask started their annual death pool. i decided to make a list. for those of you who want to play along simply pick 10 people from the public eye, and place them on a list of 1-10 if you think they will die in 2006. just like when judging how how hot a woman is, 10 is the best, and 1 is the worst. so, put people that you think have a high probability of dying around 10, and those with a lower probability, down around one. unless the person is already in dire straights at which point it's just good form to put them at a lower number, that way you can actually earn the points when one of your higher numbers dies. for example, this my list for 2006:

10. Andy Rooney

9. Cassius Clay... ok... ali.

8. Bea Arthur

7. Charlton Heston

6. Micheal J. Fox

5. Fidel Castro

4. Teddy Kennedy (the family is cursed)

3. Burt Reynolds

2. Mario Lopez

1. Ariel Sharon

now, you'll notice that castro, and sharon are both 5 and below. sharon we know is going to die, so i couldn't just give up the the point he could garner, and castro... well, i don't think he has another year in him. so... if andy roony dies (and i hope to god that smug little troll does) i get 10 points. obviously the most you can get is 55 points, and with that kinda luck, you need to be in vegas. so, if you want to play, post your list of 10 in the comments and i will keep track for the year. at some point during the year i will try to come up with a prize for the winner, and the loser and all that good shit. so, have fun, put your thinking caps on, and make a list of people you think (or hope) will die this year.


Heidi said...

Thats so Dark, Twisted and Wrong!!!

I LOVE IT! Hahaha.

Rev said...

What the hell ever happened to Death Pool Dave, anyway?

Drunken Chud said...

hehehehe, thanks heidi. i too love it.

dunno, he still does a lot of music shit and they call him every so often, but shit i haven't listened to the radio in months.

Rev said...

Well, you missed Wilson Pickett....

Rev said...

I got Abe Vigoda...