15 September 2005


Piracy calculator. find out how much your stash is worth

Some bored asshole about 2 years too late decides to put all 13 celebrity jeopardy skits in one place.

three drunk dials. the guy... seems kinda homo. and by kinda, i mean he talks entirely too much about watching another dude sleep.

Troy's mixed tape of love... i made it to about 1:40 when he starts saying that he never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wants to lose her. what a tool.

Teehee, she's naked.

Dude crying into a pillow. judging by his lack of pain threshold, i figure he's a pro at crying in the pillow.


joe said...

Troy's tape was on Motor City Middays yesterday. Fucking pussy. He's probably the pillow guy, too.

Drunken Chud said...

was it? damn. i had caught it a about a week ago, just didn't listen to it to see if it was worth posting. then, when i took the leap yesterday, i about vomited. seriously, i couldn't get far enough into it to see if there was any good material in it.

Anonymous said...

Best part. She dumped him like 3 days later. You have to make it through to the end, just to see how bad he gets.


Drunken Chud said...

I'm afraid... I'm so very afraid.