29 September 2005

Yarr, I'm a birate

ok, so, i've been drinking pretty well, an decided to have a go at deciphering the last post. here's what i came up with:

yi[[eee shit.
yippe shit! the darts team s still ni first place. yes my asopeklling and gramer in inclouragabke, buty Ive been drinking for quite awhuile now.

pretty simple; yippee shit, then yippee shit. the darts team is still in first place. yes, my ass spelunking and graham crackers are inconclucive, but i've been drinking for quite a while now.

So, darts went well, tghnhe I gkt dropped ofrf a chatters. Laura came over to talk.....opk, let';s talk uncomfortablef for asecond; then long haired hippi8e dipshit showed uo. pleasem, for the love of god, tell me that'
s no the guy you've ben writing abiut.

so, darts went well, then i got dropped arf arf at chatters. laura came over to talk.... ok, let's talk uncomfortable for a second; then long haired hippie dipshit showed up. please, for the love of god, tell me that's not the guy you've been writing about

I nkiow him, He's fukklof shit.

i know him, he's a fucklof shit.

Either way, after 6t mionths the luightet went back...it's over. AI loverd her, I really did. She found things that were much bttter,m and UI can;t blame her.;e thought, I have to say,l....that guy..whast the fuck. I turned myseklf friom a fucj=king onghaired durtass tio what I am now for yoiu m, and you go back gto a thinner version of me.

wow, this one is tough either way, after 6th month the luigi (note, not mario) went back... it's over. AI (spielberg flop and haley joel osmet movie proving he doesn't have soul) loved her, i (sic; AI) really did. She found things that were much butter, M and UI (sic; AI) can't blame her. E thought, i have to say, L.... that guy.. what the fuck. i turned myself from a fuck=king, to a longhaired dirtass to what i am now for you M, and you go back GTO (with hemi) a thinner version of me

And when was the last tinme you heard "You" by cxandlebox anyw3ay?
IO shudder to think what thi ws oist looks like as hve been just drunk toing.

and when was the last time you heard "you" by candlebox (gay?) anyway? IO (sic; AI) shudder to think waht thy was twist looks like as have been just drunk to-ing.

that's all i got. updates and corrections are welcome.


joe said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Yippee shit.
Yippee shit! The darts team is still in first place. Yes my spelling and grammar are incorrigible, but I've been trying to speed up the process of killing myself now for a while now.

So I went to play darts and that went well. Then I was dropped off at Chatters. Laura came over to talk... boy that was very uncomfortable for a second. Then some long-haired hippy dipshit came over. Please, for the love of god, tell me that is not the Matt guy you've been writing about. I know him. And he's full of shit like every other guy. Either way, after 6 months the light bulb came on. It's over. I loved her, I really did.

Hold on, I have to drink this half bottle of liquor. Ok.

But she found things that were much better than me. And I can't blame her. Though I have to say, I'm really upset about this guy. What the fuck. I turned myself from a fucking long-haired dirty ass into a rambling, blubbering drunk for you. And then you go back to a thinner version of my old self.

And when was the last time that you've heard "You" by Candlebox?
I'm listening to it right now as I drink myself into a coma so I can pass out on the keyboard and hit the publish button with my head.

I'm not going to proofread this because I shudder to think what it looks like because I'm so drunk tonight, as usual.

Drunken Chud said...

fine, conjugate all you want. make sense out of it. see if i care. so to counteract your sensical post, i decided to put the original into babel fish. this is what happens when you convert drunk to german to french to dutch to english:
Scheisse yi[[eee Scheisse yippe! first Ni of the crew of arrow s place Asopeklling still my and more gramer, buty inclouragabke Ive which drinks now for enough awhuile. Thus its arrows well gone, I ofrf rattert gkt have given tghnhe up. Laura came speak further.....opk let';s a conversation uncomfortablef for asecond; hippi8e behaartes if as dipshit then uo. pleasem strive, for lesquel seemed loves of the god, lay he me from that a s the person who you are letters abiut have. Nkiow I him, is he fukklof van Scheisse. Each manner, after mionths 6t that luightet of return are..., more go rueber. Loverd they, HAS I really. They things have found, much more bttter idea, m. and ONION her.;e debt can;t were, I must say, l... guy..whast.that Bumsen. I myseklf have aimed friom that Fucj=king durtass tio onghaired that I am now for yoiu m., and you go of return gto a thinner version of me. And the tinme last you "you" have cxandlebox anyw3ay had been heard? IO shower believe, which that thi seems a w oist only as dronken Toing summer to the equitable hve.

Drunken Chud said...

almost unreadable.

Rev said...

Wow..'anonymous' is funny!

Drunken Chud said...

i thought that was you.

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