07 September 2005

well then

Well, a buddy of mine said I needed a blog for all the goofy shit I find online. I think he's right. Anyhow, I guess I should jump on the bandwagon and comment on the state of affairs in NOLA... but really, what's to say that hasn't been said. apparently "George bush does not care about black people" according to kanye west. Wow... that's deep. The fact that it's bullshit doesn't stop the left from trying to politicize a natural disaster. It would appear that the only that anyone left of center would be happy is if 2 months prior to hurricane katrina making landfall, GW should have been down in NOLA shoring up levees (which by the way should be the responsibility of the state... just sayin...) and setting up refugee shelters. ok, now we all know that's bullshit, and would never happen because well, precognition just doesn't seem to be as rampant as it once was. the other funny thing I hear, and it is funny, is that when you see pictures of white people stealing they are "finding" and black people are "looting". Everyone wants to scream racism and all sorts of bullshit. now... Here are the reasons for the two; looting is shit you do not need to stay alive for the time being. Period. plasma tv's, boxes and boxes of shoes... booze etc. For example, this is looting:

this is finding. also known as surviving and not being greedy.

anyhow, this isn't really "goofy shit i found". but it's still pretty damn goofy. also if you want to read a great commentary on what's going on down there you should read this. anyhow, that's all i got for now. i'll post more later when i start drinking.

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