11 September 2005

Just one of those days

Well, everybody knows what day it is. everybody has been inundated with images of everything that happened that fateful morning. as I was trying to sleep this morning, i had on fox news, and they were having a sept. 11th memorial. For the most part is your typical remember those who died, remember those who gave their lives so you could live memorial. i was sort of dozing in and out when they had a moment of silence at the precise time the first plane went in. Of course this brings back memories of what exactly i was doing at that point in time, which isn't much different than what I was doing this morning, except that curt called and was yelling into my answering maching which prompted me to wake up and turn on the tv. then some more talking and another moment of silence for the second plane and some more memories of watching the news with the phone firmly implanted in my ear. Then I started to doze off again and they started ringing a bell. I was like please don't be ringing that 343 times. then I rolled over and looked at the clock. A little after 10am, my clock is a bit off, but I knew. Then another moment of silence. I hate moments of silence, all you do is think. I remember watching the tower come down. I remember seeing the fire, and the shit falling off in the fire and saying "that fucker is gonna come down, holy shit." a minute later it did. I dozed off again and awoke again to the bell ringing. now, I'm not an emotional guy, but thinking back to that day makes me mad. it angers me to the core. But it's amazing how short of memories we as americans have. This is the reason we're in iraq, and afghanistan. this is the reason we're trying to shut kim jong il up. BECAUSE WE WILL NOT STAND FOR ANOTHER ATTACK ON OUR SOIL! period. You disagree with us being in iraq? It's because you're dumb and don't understand how the world works unless the news tells you how it works. learn to think for yourself and you'll understand that a one million dollar bounty on any us citizen (offered by saddam to anyone) IS a threat. and if you truly think that he had no WMD's then you are as ignorant than michael moore, which is pretty goddamn tough to do. I don't know why I started on this tangent, but I'm done. however, I will say, the two strongest memories in the days after were congress singing god bless America (9/12) and W at ground zero (9/14). "I can hear you, the the rest of the world hears you too... And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!" pretty much sums it all up.

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