28 September 2005


so, my buddy curt posted this tonight on his blog. all translations are welcomed. i can read about 80% of it. and laugh at 100% of it.

yi[[eee shit.
yippe shit! the darts team s still ni first place. yes my asopeklling and gramer in inclouragabke, buty Ive been drinking for quite awhuile now. So, darts went well, tghnhe I gkt dropped ofrf a chatters. Laura came over to talk.....opk, let';s talk uncomfortablef for asecond; then long haired hippi8e dipshit showed uo. pleasem, for the love of god, tell me that'
s no the guy you've ben writing abiut. I nkiow him, He's fukklof shit.

Either way, after 6t mionths the luightet went back...it's over. AI loverd her, I really did. She found things that were much bttter,m and UI can;t blame her.;e thought, I have to say,l....that guy..whast the fuck. I turned myseklf friom a fucj=king onghaired durtass tio what I am now for yoiu m, and you go back gto a thinner version of me.

And when was the last tinme you heard "You" by cxandlebox anyw3ay?
IO shudder to think what thi ws oist looks like as hve been just drunk toing.

wow... just... wow.


Rev said...

Oh, you've never done anything stupid while drunk.

Except, of course, almost going home with gay Mike...

joe said...


Just wow.


Drunken Chud said...

i never said i've never done anything stupid while drunk. but this was comedy gold.